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  Blackbook index for CHEM 1110 (for a list of slideshows for the exercises click here):
Safety Laboratory -
Recognizing Equipment
 Safety lab instructions
 Safety lab answers
 Equipment set up and instructions

 Equipment answers
Significant Figures and Measurements Set up, instructions and answer key for 10th editon
Significant Figure Slideshow
Scientific Notation Slideshow
Using Physical Properties to Identify an Unknown Substance  set up, instructions and key
 A file of lables
Determination of the Stoichiometry of Magnesium Oxide  set up, instructions
Stoichiometry Exercise
Answers to the exercise
Quizzes and quiz keys 
Mixing of solutions (Sniv Ling's problems)  Set up, instructions and grading key  
Electron configuration -
 Lewis dot structure -
 Molecular geometry
Answers to electron configuration
Answers to Lewis dot and geometry
 Quiz on Electron configuration Key
 Quiz on Lewis dot structure Key
 Quiz on Molecular geometry  Key
Oxidation Numbers Execise -
Naming of Compounds
Answers to Oxidation Exercise
Slideshow on oxidation numbers  
Oxidation number Quiz number 1    and answers
Oxidation number Quiz number 2    and answers
 Answers to Naming Exercise
 Naming Quizzes      Quiz answers
Solutions Problem Set   Answers to the exercise
 Quizzes     Key to quizes
Acid-baseTitration   Blackbook
 Gas Law Exercises   Answers to the exercise
 Quizzes with keys
 Dumas Method   Blackbook 
Concentration exercise answers to exercise
 Quizzes and quiz answers
Determination of the Molecular Weight by Freezing Point Depression blackbook
 grading key

  Blackbook index for CHEM 1120:(for a list of slideshows for the exercises click here
Chemical equilibrium exercise Part I - General Equilibrium
Answers to Lab Exercise
Quizzes and Keys
Chemical equilibrium exercise Part II - Solution Equilibrium - Henry's Law, Ksp , Kd , combinations
Answers to Lab Exercise
  Quizzes with Keys 
Chemical equilibrium exercise Part III - Solution Equilibrium acids, bases and buffers 
Answers to Lab Exercise
 Quizzes with Keys   
Chemical equilibrium exercise Part IV - Solution Equilibrium Hydorlysis, etc. 
 Answers to Lab Exercise
Titration Curve
Graph paper for the titration curve
  Blackbook grading key
 The concentration values    grading key - short version
Visable Spectroscopy
set up, instructions and key
grading sheet
Beer's Law
 grading key
Qualitative Analysis
Blackbook   grading key  
 Qual scheme diagram
  Answer sheet
Balancing Redox Reactions - Exercise  Summary of the half reaction method
 answers to the exercise
  Quizzes   quiz answers  
Illustrating Some Chemical Reactions  set up, instructions
Titration and Normality Exercise  exercise answers
 quiz keys
Redox Titration Laboratory  blackbook
 grading key
 Blackbook  Lab exercise answers
 Laboratory Key 
  Quizzes and Keys
Kinetics Exercise  Answer Key
Example spread sheet
 Kinetics experiment  Blackbook